the glimmer

Droplets of rain on the pavement outside

Under the street light glow

Glimmering like a sparkling night sky

With answers we long to know

A sheet of glass sits between us

Although the water seems close enough to touch

Reflected in a window as wandering eyes look with lust

To feel and know love, to understand how much

He loves us, we know He does

But the desire is too deep, too strong

For a passion inside our souls, to comprehend what it was

Inside the intricate mystery of unknowns, where worries belong

The rain subsides, as droplets keep trickling down

And in the silence, I hear the faint whisper of my Jesus saying

My daughter, one day you’ll wear a crown

The weights of the world are many, broken hearts like flowers fading

But today you have a glimmer

To keep you from the wishing, wanting, waiting

In moments when you find yourself, where the sun’s a little dimmer

Darling, look for the light and it is Me you’ll find, when your hope is draining

And when the droplets become your tears

Believe that I’m enough, this you know to be true

My daughter, when your mind is filled with fears

Remember I love you


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