Slow down, darling. You are missing it. Look around you. Take a deep breath, and look around you.

He has made this day for you to live, so why are you worrying about tomorrow?

Jesus Christ, your Savior and lover of Your soul, is telling you, dear one, that you are enough, so why do you believe that you are not?

You woke up this morning with new breath in your lungs and your heart still beating, so why are you ungrateful for the things He has given you?

Oh love, the Maker of the universe knows the very number of hairs that are on your head, and He thinks about you more than the grains of sand on the shore, so why do you compare your life to another?

I have come to find that the times I hear the Lord the most clearly are the times in the quiet place and the stillness. Not during the twenty minutes walking to my next class, or in the moments throughout the day when my mind constantly contemplates my to do list and all that awaits.

Beloved, I hear my Lord the loudest in the silence.

When life is playing out in front of our eyes faster than we can physically keep up with, it is easy to slip into the puddle of control. Our innate instinct as human beings is to do things on our own. To ask for help can be seen as a sign of weakness, to allow vulnerability by giving someone a peak into the deepest parts of our hearts can be seen as terrifying, or even dangerous.

Tonight, in a rare and beautiful moment of stillness, God reminded me of my desperate need for Him, and that the reason I have been growing weary and restless and tired is because I have been doing this on my own lately. And by this, I mean life.

Instead of daily surrendering, I have been daily grasping for control. Rather than falling on my knees in weakness, I have been sprinting on the tracks without stopping for water, too full of pride to take a break to walk, and admire the blue, cloudless sky on the way. Driving on a highway going 80 miles per hour with my eyes right in front of me, and forgetting to thank Jesus for the blooming wildflowers on the side of the road that He placed to add a hint of beauty. Living in expectancy from those around me, and neglecting to remind them that I love them.

The past few months, I have noticed that life is too short.

Too short to hold the grudge against the person who wronged you, because my darling, grudges prune bitterness, and bitterness steals peace.

Too short to sweat the small stuff, and to go a single day without laughter.

Too short to dwell on the pain of the past and the things you can’t change. From here on out, all you have is tomorrow. So therefore, to live in the yesterdays is like a flat tire…it will not get you anywhere, and will only make things worse when you try. Looking forward is like changing the flat tire, a fresh start. A new beginning to get back on the road, and keep driving.

My word for junior year is embrace.

Embrace the seasons, come as they may. The seasons of joy, seasons of sadness, seasons of clarity, and seasons of doubt. Embrace the people surrounding me in this very moment, and never cease to thank Jesus for placing them in my life.  Embrace this time in life, and approach the future from each morning I wake up. Embrace the now, and laugh at the days to come.

One of the definitions for the word embrace is “to seize eagerly, or with alacrity; to accept with cordiality; to welcome.”

To welcome the good is to embrace the bad, to love is to risk hurt, to hope for eternity is to willingly accept the temporary. 

Psalm 73:25 “Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.”



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